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bloodyberry smoothie ( freeze dried powder)

"buddyberry" celebrates the power of friendship and connection. It's a reminder to cherish the people and experiences that bring joy and positivity into our lives, and to always take time for self-care.
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Say goodbye to bland traditional smoothies!

Our natural fruits and superfood ingredients are blended into a convenient powder, making it easy to enjoy a delicious and nutritious smoothie anytime, anywhere.
Fast, Easy and Delicious.

Make you daily juice

Simply mix a pack of nop powder with 300ml of water , shake until dissolved, drink right away, and stay hydrated.

Mix with your smoothie

For a varied breakfast, mix your smoothie with different beverages like chocolate milk, oat milk or other kind of ingredients.

Stir in your plain yogurt

Sprinkle a rounded teaspoon of powder onto plain yogurt for a natural sweet, fruity flavour and extra vitamins and antioxidants.

Sprinkle on your desserts

Sprinkle the powder on ice cream for a delicious treat or add it to cake or cupcakes for a fruity flavour.