bluenana smoothie

  • Energy source, support weight loss
  • Anti-aging, loaded with antioxidants
  • Improve memory, keeps stress away 
  • Protect your eyes,  fight cancer cells 
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bloodyberry smoothie

  • Antioxidant, maintain naturally glowing skin 
  • Anti-inflammatory, support immue system 
  • Prevent constipation, improve digestion
  • Protect your eyes, support cardiovascular health
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pikachill smoothie

  • Boost skin cell turnover
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Boost  energy, promote your metabolism 
  • Lower cholesterol levels, improve eye health
  • Reduce risk of cancer, improve breast health
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How to enjoy our smoothie

One pack per day provides the recommended servings of nutrients, without any peeling or chopping required. Stay nourished and energized on the go!

Make your daily Juice

Simply add nop powder into a bottle filled with 300ml of water and shake well until all dissolved. Drink immediately and enjoy a hydrating and nutritious drink.

Mix with your choice of smoothie

If fruitthies are your go-to breakfast, try adding nop powderfor an extra boost. Mix it with your favorite drinks like chocolate milk,oat milk, or other ingredients to create your perfect blend.

Enhance your plain yogurt

Simply stir in a rounded teaspoon to plain yogurt for a deliciously sweet fruit flavor and an extra kick of vitamins and nutrients, making it a healthy and satisfying snack option.

Sprinkle on your favorite desserts

Sprinkled on ice cream is a delicious treat anytime of the year. Add some of nop powder to your ice cream or cupcake mix to make them delicious with the taste of natural, real fruits.