#produc_name# - not only powder
#produc_name# - not only powder


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Super Nutrition Combo

  • bluenana 30g x 1
  • bloodyberry 30g x 1
  • pikachill x 30g x 1
  • OATSIDE Milk 1000ml x 1

  • Each pack of fruit powder contains a variety of fruits, providing a diverse range of nutrients. The nop bottle eliminates the hassle of finding a container to prepare the fruit powder. It can also be used as a regular bottle, reducing plastic bottle waste and helping the environment.
  • Say goodbye to traditional smoothies! With our innovative approach, our natural fruit and superfood ingredients are blended into a convenient powder.Simply shake with water or milk for a healthy and delicious smoothie in just 5 minutes.

  • Here are the steps: .
  • 1. Pour 300ml of oatside milk into nop bottle.
  • 2. Add the fruit powder.
  • 3. Cover the bottle and tighten the lid.
  • 4. Shake the bottle for about 30s to 1 min.
  • 5. Enjoy your fruit smoothie!
  • It takes 3-5 business days for delivery normally